What Trees Do For Us?

Try to imagine your city without trees.

What do you picture?  Hot?  Noisy?  Barren?

Trees are an important part of our environment and do a lot to make a our community our home.

Explore some of the things trees do for us.

For even more examples:

The Arbor Day Foundation



Trees grow the economy. A lawn with mature trees  increases home values 5-18%.


Trees cool cities. By shading roads and reflecting heat, trees can reduce temperatures by as much as 10 degrees F.


Trees make us safer.  Communities with more trees have lower crime rates.


Trees clean the air.  Each tree can trap up to 3.75 pounds of dust and pollutants from the air each year.


Trees make you feel better. Studies show walking among trees reduces anxiety and depression.  


Trees anchor biodiversity.  A mature oak can be home to as many as 500 species of birds, mammals, insects, fungi, and lichens.


Trees reduce flooding.  By slowing down rainwater and channeling it deep 
underground, trees buffer stormwater runoff and reduce erosion.

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